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Welcome to the website/blog medley all about Alternative Clothing available to buy in the UK.  So some of the brands I talk about will be from the US, but I’ll always point you to great UK suppliers.  Please feel free to let me know of brands you love and you’d like me to talk about.  This is all about discovery, as too many clothing lines barely get discovered.  I want to make sure awesome brands get popular!

I’ve always had trouble finding decent clothing that fits well and also looks unique. Before the internet, finding alternative clothing meant a costly trip to Camden on the tube, and then you couldn’t buy a great deal because of having to lug it back on public transport… awful memories are flooding back! Now with more small retailers on the net, you can find some pretty awesome stuff that you’d never have known about just 5 years ago.

I really love the internet for this reason, and spend a worrying amount of time looking at clothes stores. I’m always looking for more though, so again, just contact me or leave a comment if you have any suggestions.

These are some of my favourite brands:

Iron Fist Clothing
Jane Norman (Yes, it’s mainstream but I always see it as alternative, plus they’ve done some gothic style pieces in the past)
Necessary Evil
Emily Strange

There used to be a fantastic alternative shop in Reading called Tatlas, does anyone remember it? It completed vanished and I’ve always missed it. I tried to find out what happened to it, as it was my favourite shop when I was 17, but no luck!

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