Fashionable Pets? Whatever Next!

It seems the World has finally gone totally bonkers! The rise of social media combined with celebrities is fuelling a new and cruel craze of designer pets with crumpled faces and stubby legs.

The rise of the sausage cat or ‘munchkin’ cat has been promoted by socialites like Paris Hilton, with these cats being chosen because of their stubby legs which apparently makes them ‘cute’. We would be more worried about the potentially life-long pain these animals are in, with vets saying that spinal and joint conditions go hand in hand with the bone deformities that cause the shortness of stature these animals suffer.

We saw a similar craze a few years ago with the deliberate dyeing and clipping of dog fur so that these poor dogs looked like other animals and even cartoon characters. Fancy a Bichon Frize in a fetching shade of neon Pink? How about a giant poodle, made to look like a lion? These and many more could be yours with a few hours in a salon, but who is thinking about the welfare of the animal?

We all love fashion, but this should not be forced on our pets. If you’re thinking of ‘goth-ing up’ your bulldog or going for the ‘Morpheus’ look for your cat, think again… your pet will thank you for it!

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