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A Very Particular Pair Of Boots

I have always loved wearing boots as I like the style and the comfort they offer. I also adore the latest trends in studded and spiked boots because I like embellishments and sparkle. I do not, however, like heavy boots … Continue reading

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Cyber Goth Clothing

This is a genre I was very briefly involved in when I was 19. In fact it was so brief, it only lasted a weekend at the Infest festival in Bradford. Still, it’s worth a mention because a lot of … Continue reading

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Moonmaiden Gothic Clothing

Continuing with the theme of women making and modelling their own clothes, I do have to give this website a mention: I bought a few things from MoodMaiden a good 5 or 6 years ago. I used to look … Continue reading

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My Little Halo

Wow! I have to say I’m impressed and very pleased to have found this little gem: According to her Twitter profile, Emily Horner designs, makes, models and sells her own clothes. And these clothes are absolutely incredible. I’ve already … Continue reading

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Phaze Alternative Clothing

I’ve been eyeing up Phaze Clothing today – I’ve never really looked at their website properly before, and I’ve found some really awesome stuff. It’s a fantastic mix of colourful, playful fashion and gothic style. It’s a really refreshing website … Continue reading

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Necessary Evil Clothing

I only learned about Necessary Evil in late 2009, but I so wish I’d found them earlier! This is proper gothic clothing from long, sweeping fishtail skirts to killer studded jackets. Just take a look at the women’s range here … Continue reading

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Emily Strange Clothing

Emily Strange has been a favourite of mine for many years. A very dark style, it’s definitely more for the teenage market. It has hints of emo among the goth influence, and I’ve always admired the story behind the brand. … Continue reading

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