Moonmaiden Gothic Clothing

Continuing with the theme of women making and modelling their own clothes, I do have to give this website a mention:

I bought a few things from MoodMaiden a good 5 or 6 years ago. I used to look through all the pages and wish I could have it all 😀 My tastes have changed since then, but unfortunately this website hasn’t :S It seems very much stuck in the past, although that might be the idea… it’s a Cornish business and there’s a certain quaintness with the old-style website from the early 2000’s. It probably helps maintain a loyalty with previous customers, but it can’t do a good job of attracting new visitors and enticing them to buy.
One thing you can’t fault them with is the customer service – the lady (can’t find her name on the website, and can’t remember it from all that time ago) – is very attentive with your order and quick to respond to queries.

Let me know if you find any smaller alternative clothing businesses like these and I’ll be sure to give them a mention.

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