Cyber Goth Clothing

This is a genre I was very briefly involved in when I was 19. In fact it was so brief, it only lasted a weekend at the Infest festival in Bradford.
Still, it’s worth a mention because a lot of the fashion is just stunning:

Cyber Goth

Part of the look is to have cyber falls, or to use the full name, cyber dread falls. These look awesome, when done correctly.

Cyber FallsCyber Falls eh-eeerh

Some great Cyber goth, UV glow-in-the-dark clothing can be found here: cyber goth clothing. However, most cyber gear is scattered across the globe, so you’ll probably find it most useful, as I did those years ago, to use Ebay.

I also found this, which is a US website: , which has some cool stuff, but to be totally honest, I’m more interested in the music that plays when you’re looking around the website – incredible stuff. I tried to find the first track which is labelled as ‘Northbourne – Watt’, but I can’t find it anywhere! Please let me know if you find it, it’s awesome.

UPDATE: I found it their Myspace page: Crisiswear spelt it with a U, no wonder I couldn’t find them.

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