A Very Particular Pair Of Boots


I have always loved wearing boots as I like the style and the comfort they offer. I also adore the latest trends in studded and spiked boots because I like embellishments and sparkle. I do not, however, like heavy boots or anything which looks too utilitarian and so the last thing I ever expected to fall in love with was a pair of Doc Martens but fall in love I did!

Covent Garden

The fateful event happened when I was taking a stroll through Covent Garden in London. I was only casually browsing in shop windows but had been diverted by several rather swanky looking pairs of boots which I felt the need to try on. None of them were very comfortable despite looking fairly cool and so I had successfully evaded spending any money. As I progressed down the street the footwear appeared to be getting more and more outrageous with several examples of enormous ankle breaking platforms making me wonder if my taste was out of keeping with everyone else. Personally I have always felt that boots and shoes are for walking and so something that would inevitably prevent from moving even one step seemed rather pointless. Just as I was about to leave the area in search of more interesting fare my attention was grabbed by a pair of boots which had pride of place in an adjacent shop window. They were sitting on a small plinth and were screaming buy me!

The Boots

The boots were black leather, quite stylish and feminine and brilliantly encrusted in dozens of Swarovski crystals. I entered the shop and examined the boots to find that they were a pair of Doc Martens which was the last thing I expected to see. I tried them on and they were very comfortable indeed. I was suddenly seeing the brand in a whole new light. A few months previously I had rather scoffed at a bride in my bridal shop who had announced that she intended to wear a pair of white jewelled Doc Martens under her wedding dress. This seemed to me to be a ridiculous thing to do but now I was not so sure. The boots I had fallen for were sadly well beyond my budget or any budget I was ever likely to have as they appeared to be a limited edition style and were weighed down with a considerable amount of crystal. I had to leave the shop without them but whilst there I discovered several other interesting styles which I would strongly consider wearing if perhaps not for a wedding.

A Change of View

Every so often a piece of clothing or some footwear will change your perceptions of a brand and also of yourself and what you want to wear. I had never considered Doc Martens but I certainly will in the future. I have learnt to dismiss nothing and consider everything because you just never know where that favourite fashion item will come from or who will have designed it.


Sally Stacey is a regular blogger who has found a new passion for Doc Martens! Check her Google+ profile now!

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