Coloured Shoes – Fashion Must Have, Or Fashion Faux Pas?


Fashion has become more colourful in recent years. We have moved away from the acres of black, grey and beige and you just have to take a look in any high street retailer to see that the most fashionable colours for 2013 are bright shades like emerald green and lemon yellow. This applies equally to men and women, but as the old saying you can have too much of a good thing. Many of us are scared to wear bright colours because we’re not sure how to put items together to make a great outfit, and end up looking like an explosion in a paint factory. Even if we’ve embraced the concept of bright clothing, we stick to black, white or beige for our footwear. So how do you wear bright shoes without looking silly?

There’s a Time and a Place…

Even though coloured trainers and shoes are trendy at the moment, they’re not appropriate for every situation. If you are expected to dress conservatively at work, stick to black, grey or navy trousers with plain black shoes and keep the yellow Nike Blazer vintage shoes for the weekend. Some employers, especially in the more creative industries, have a more relaxed dress code so take your cue from other workers to see what is acceptable in your workplace and what is not.

Focus on the Feet

If you’ve just got a new pair of bright shoes and want to show them off, make them the main focus of your outfit. Wear very plain clothing to draw attention to your shoes, and if it’s summer time wear shorts or a skirt to make them even more visible. Pastel shades worn with bright shoes are a good combination, especially for warmer months.

Colour Matching

When you’re getting ready in the morning, think about the outfit as a whole rather than the shoes in isolation. For example, if you’re wearing a plain white t-shirt and some jeans, you can get away with a bright pair of vintage style sneakers shoes or some pink Converse boots; but if you have chosen some cherry red trousers and a yellow t-shirt, it may be better to stick to plainer footwear, or choose red shoes which will tone in perfectly with whatever you are wearing on your legs. Choose socks which match either trousers or shoes so that you are not adding yet another colour into the mix.

Keep it Clean

It goes without saying that you should make an extra effort to keep your coloured shoes in tip top condition. You might be able to get away with traipsing through puddles in your brown or black shoes, but coloured shoes will often show up every speck of dirt and grime. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for taking care of your shoes, and never be tempted to throw them in the washing machine or to scrub them with washing up liquid or plain soap. Using a waterproof spray will help form a protective barrier on the surface of your shoes and may help them resist becoming stained in the first place.


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