Phaze Alternative Clothing

Phaze Coat - Alternative ClothingI’ve been eyeing up Phaze Clothing today – I’ve never really looked at their website properly before, and I’ve found some really awesome stuff.
It’s a fantastic mix of colourful, playful fashion and gothic style. It’s a really refreshing website to look through, despite the bad navigation, and mix of CAPITAL LETTERS and small letters.. I don’t know, I just like conformity and continuity 😉
Phaze Dress - Alternative Clothing
Anyways, there’s so much to look at, and a brilliant array of stuff to create eye catching outfits to wow everyone. Check it out!: Phaze Clothing.
If you want to buy anything, there’s a fairly large questionnaire of personal details they want to farm from you before you can proceed. I decided to give this a miss, so let me know if you try it, whether you can securely purchase after this.

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