Hell Bunny Dresses

Yes I’m afraid it’s yet more dresses in this post 🙂
I’ve just found the most incredible range of Hell Bunny dresses. I’ve known of the brand for a while but something about this page makes you realise just how awesome they are: Viper London – Hell Bunny.
I love all of them! They’re so classy and different, and it’s hard to pick out favourites. I had a go anyway:

Hell Bunny Purple Polka Dot DressHell Bunny Gingham 50's Prom DressHell Bunny Polka Dot DressHell Bunny Zip Thru Lace Florine Pencil Dress

Gorgeous! The detail on all the dresses is fabulous. And it gets better, the delivery is free to the UK, so even more reason to have a go with Hell Bunny.

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