Computer EPoS program for alternative clothing stores

Every shop owner knows that if you have a large stock then it’s a nightmare trying to keep track of everything without a well thought out computer epos program – the software which runs all of your till system peripherals and interfaces with your stock control system.

Intelligent Retail offer a tailored range of EPoS software packages which run on Windows systems and allow full control over stock, online and offline selling channels and tie into accounting packages so you are always aware of where your business stands.

The Intelligent Retail Connect software and hardware systems offer total integration with a centrallised stock control system around which the EPoS system is based, meaning that sales from every available and linked in selling channel come back directly to the shop till, a boon for busy retailers as they don’t need to log into Amazon or Ebay admin areas to retrieve orders – all notifications appear right on the shop till interface for easy ‘pick pack and despatch’ to customers.

Take a look at the Intelligent Retail Connect EPoS systems based around a class leading computer EPoS program and centrallised stock control system – there are free demonstrations available!

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