4 Things You Need In Your Wardrobe In 2013

2013 is seeing something of the fallout of the eighties trends of recent years. The big, shapeless t-shirts and nightmare day-glo embellishments haven’t quite gone away, but they do seemed to have evolved into something a little less like a remnant from a Duran Duran video.

Women’s wear has a lot of exciting things going on this year, but there are four areas that you really need to get into your wardrobe for this coming summer.

The Alpha Woman

We’ve had the flirtations with the ‘power dressing’ styles in recent times, but even with the 80s resurgence, they’re not actually that flattering. Today’s workplaces are trying to be a little more caring and sharing these days, and even if you’re the most approachable person on the planet, too sharp a skirt suit instantly gives off the impression of, “what are you trying to prove?”

While we don’t have the old-style power dressing going on, there is the emergence of the Alpha Woman. Alpha Woman is confident, but has a bit more of a sense of humour. Streamlined suits are forthright and business like, but have softer lines than their more austere counterparts. There’s also more variety of fabrics in the Alpha Woman suit, including chic leathers.

Shorts Suits

This summer, bring a fun new look to the office. The shorts suit offers a bit more flexibility than the skirt suit, and is designed for the woman about town, bringing a free and easy touch to the classic suit for women. Shorts suits are going to appear in bright, contrasting tones, which are perfect for warmer weather. Let’s just hope we see some!

Sporty Looks

While I’ve been lambasting the eighties styles here, there was another major movement that has been appearing throughout every area of fashion in recent times too. That’s the vintage look. I quite like vintage, but when you see the same variations come from leading fashion brands, it’s time to shake things up a bit.

Fortunately, this seems to have happened with some very cute, sporty style dresses. Think Wimbledon meets Mad Men, and you get an idea of some of the shapely styles that are going to appear this year. It’s the high necks and sleeveless design that’s going to be the biggest hitters this season, and will give you the chance to get all Holly Golightly when worn with big shades and a classy, wide-brimmed hat.

Bold Jeans


Yeah, I know, you already have jeans in the wardrobe. And don’t tell me, you’re too scared to risk shopping for a different style or brand because it never fits right. I know this, but trust me, when you see some of the things that are happening to jeans this year, you’ll be thinking twice.

Firstly, embroidery and prints. The razzle dazzle of rhinestones is tarnishing by the minute. Avoid sparkly jeans! Bright, bold embroidered patterns reminiscent of the ladies of the plains of New Mexico are the look to go for this summer. If, however, you’re missing something shiny, buy denim treated with cool metallic finishes. I know how it sounds, but there are actually some really cool looking metallic jeans heading our way. The trick is not to make the outfit look busy, and metallic jeans look really good with a simple blouse, shirt or tee.

Article by Peter Shorney

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