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Wearing your name or another word on your jewellery is something which comes and goes in fashion, and at the moment it’s on the decline. A few years ago every pop star was wearing chunky necklaces with their name, initial or other word around their neck, but now the trend seems to be more for having words or phrases inked into your skin permanently. Obviously the downside with tattoos is that they are not simple to remove when fashions change, so if you would like to buy into the words trend, then perhaps jewellery or clothing is the way to go.



If like me you’re old enough to remember the “Relax” t-shirts made popular by Wham! In 1983, then the current crop of t-shirts which are appearing all over the fashion stores will look oddly familiar. Back in the 80’s most of the slogans were positive affirmations like “Choose Life”, but the current trend is for jokey slogans. Shops are full of t-shirts and hoodies saying things like “Geek” or “Nerd” and although these are hugely fashionable at the moment, they will be consigned to the back of the wardrobe by Christmas, until they become fashionable again in another 30 years’ time.

Name Necklaces

Necklaces featuring a name written in flowing script are eternally popular as a gift, and can look very attractive. In general, the larger the necklace the greater the impact it will make, so if you are looking for jewellery which is suitable for wearing to work as well as on a night out, choose something smaller rather than choosing a huge necklace with lots of sparkle. Stick to plain gold or silver and most importantly, check that your name is spelled correctly. I am not a fan of jewellery which claims to show your name in Arabic or Chinese script as many names are not easily translated and you can never be 100% sure of what your necklace wording actually says.

Other Jewellery Words

If having your name written on your necklace or bracelet just seems a bit 1970s, then there are several jewellery brands making other, more modern items. An up to date take on the words trend can be seen on many modern pieces, which have words like Love on them. This sort of item has multiple uses and a Love Estella Bartlett necklace is also the ideal gift for a wedding, or as a Valentine’s Day gift. You can even choose between silver and gold depending on personal

Obtrusive Branding

One of the other main trends is having very obvious branding on items, especially in clothing. If you have spent lots of money on the latest track suit, then you can let all of your friends know by having the manufacturer’s brand plastered all down one leg or across the back. Some people love having this very obvious branding on their clothing, but it’s not for me. If you have paid lots of money for an item of clothing, that doesn’t give the maker the right to turn you into a walking billboard.


Article By Morag Peers

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