Footwear Fashions for Summer 2014

I am unfortunate enough to have really troublesome feet. I suffer from gout, have the beginnings of bunions, wide balls and narrow heels. All of this usually means that any footwear which could even vaguely be described as stylish is either and instrument of torture or just flies off after a few steps. I am constantly engaged in a search for shoes that won’t kill my feet but which are at least moderately in vogue but this year I could be in luck on the style front because allegedly practical shoes are in. Style, however, could be an entirely different matter.



Yes sadly these hideous monstrosities are back with a vengeance. Never mind that they look like slippers, make your feet appear to be huge and are the antithesis of elegance, people are rushing to buy them and similar styles from designer and high street ranges. They always remind me of the awful sandals that men could be seen sporting with socks! They may well be comfortable but even I have limits.

Orthopaedic Shoes

I have to blame Prada for this one. Following catwalk performances from models wearing what appeared to be orthopaedic soles there is suddenly a trend for medically inspired footwear. Good news for my feet but not, I fear, for my image. I may have problem feet but I really don’ want to wear shoes which are top picks for pensioners

Gladiator Boots

These are an awkward hybrid where the meeting of two perfectly attractive styles has produced a mutant life form. An uneasy mix of sandal and ankle boot, gladiator boots are just wrong. I haven’t tried a pair but they don’t look terribly comfortable either and so the fashionistas have managed to create the epitome of pointlessness with footwear that is neither stylish nor pleasant to wear. It wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect one attribute of the other would it?


I suppose I should almost welcome these as the backless styling does at least eliminate issues with my narrow heels but the truth is that mules have a tendency to fly off your feet at the most inopportune moment. Anything approaching stylish design will just make this situation worse leaving anything that will stay on your feet for more than three seconds rather clumpy in appearance.


Comfortable and largely affordable they may be but slides are likely to make anyone less than perfectly formed look frumpish. The very antithesis of class and elegance these things shouldn’t be allowed out of the pool area or spa and have no useful purpose in the real world.
Oh dear! None of the latest trends have anything resembling a saving grace. It is almost as if the powers that be in the fashion world have decided to have a joke at everyone’s expense. Did someone really sit down and try to encourage a trend for the ugliest footwear on the planet? These are the styles that would have caused laughs of derision not so long ago but now they are all the rage. Not in my house though! I have never much cared what is in or out because I can’t afford to with my feet but this rash of ugliness does look set to make the task of finding a good pair of sandals even harder than ever. This might be the right year to stick with old favourites. I can only hope that next year will be the time when designers decide to attack a vast untapped market and make comfortable footwear that looks good with it. Some hope!


Article by Sally Stacey

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