A New Way to Shop Online

A new fashion website is helping consumers to choose the right clothes for them by using six models with different body shapes. Sizeable, founded by an Australian fashion writer Larissa Thorne, aims to take the guesswork out of shopping by showing each garment on all six models. Shoppers will have a much better idea of how each piece will look on them which has to be a good thing.

Different Proportions

Clothes that don’t fit or just look all wrong are a serious problem for both shoppers and the retailers who have to deal with huge volumes of returns. The models used are all Thorne’s friends and their measurements will be posted on the site to give consumers an even better idea of how the models compare to their own proportions.

Size and Shape

The site aims to deal with the issues of both size and shape. Most women will have encountered these issues in their attempts to buy clothes online. The sizes of different ranges vary so dramatically that it is possible to be a 12 in one brand and a 16 in another. Shoppers on the new site will find the models and their details on the homepage. The ladies featured are size 6 to size 14 and have very different shapes. Each garment is then shown on all six models and it doesn’t take long to see how different even a simple piece can look on each girl.

Success in the Short Term

There is even better news on the way as the site is set to feature three further models, one who is size 4 to 6, one who is very curvy and one who is a size 14/16. The ranges offered will also be expanded and I think, at least in the short term, this site will prove to be very popular.

New Technology

I say in the short term because virtual changing rooms are becoming more common. Some of the new technology is very sophisticated and will allow shoppers to create their own avatar to try the clothes for them. These systems require a fair amount of input from the consumer which may hold them back until people become familiar with using such software but ultimately this form of shopping is almost certainly the future.


Online retailers will progressively move towards making the buying process more transparent in the battle to gain and keep more customers but also to reduce the volume of returns they are forced to handle. I understand that currently as much as 40% of all clothing purchased online ends up being returned.

Problem Feet

I feel encouraged and only wish that someone would invent a virtual foot to try on shoes for me. With the brands I know I don’t have too many problems finding the right clothes but shoes are a different matter. My wide balls, narrow heels and gout ridden toes make it hard to find shoes which fit and which are comfortable. It is a situation which means that I rarely risk buying footwear online much as I would like to. I have discovered that Ilse Jacobsen boots suit me well but I probably wouldn’t even risk buying those without trying them first. Please cold someone solve this annoying problem for me?


Article by Sally Stacey

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