Fashionable Pets? Whatever Next!

It seems the World has finally gone totally bonkers! The rise of social media combined with celebrities is fuelling a new and cruel craze of designer pets with crumpled faces and stubby legs.

The rise of the sausage cat or ‘munchkin’ cat has been promoted by socialites like Paris Hilton, with these cats being chosen because of their stubby legs which apparently makes them ‘cute’. We would be more worried about the potentially life-long pain these animals are in, with vets saying that spinal and joint conditions go hand in hand with the bone deformities that cause the shortness of stature these animals suffer.

We saw a similar craze a few years ago with the deliberate dyeing and clipping of dog fur so that these poor dogs looked like other animals and even cartoon characters. Fancy a Bichon Frize in a fetching shade of neon Pink? How about a giant poodle, made to look like a lion? These and many more could be yours with a few hours in a salon, but who is thinking about the welfare of the animal?

We all love fashion, but this should not be forced on our pets. If you’re thinking of ‘goth-ing up’ your bulldog or going for the ‘Morpheus’ look for your cat, think again… your pet will thank you for it!

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Michael Michaud Jewellery

“Nature’s creations are the ultimate Art that fills our hearts with joy, warms our souls with promise and fuels our spirit with desire. My true inspiration to reflect this beauty in adornment is what my Art is all about.”

High ideals indeed for a jewellery designer and yet Michael Michaud does somehow manage to pull them off! In a world where jewellery largely falls into one of two camps – traditional or the latest fad, Michael Michaud offers something unique and thankfully uniquely beautiful. Continue reading

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The Problem with Shoes

With purchasing online becoming more and more common retailers are having to adapt the way they do business in order to maintain their share of the market. This is particularly true of fashion retailers who must overcome the issue of consumers not being able to try on the styles on offer before they buy. Few people would now be concerned about investing in a new saucepan or any electrical goods without handling them first but clothes can be a different matter altogether. Continue reading

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Returning to Sewing


A modern fashion landscape principally made up of designer labels, aspirational brands and discount stores seems to have made creating your own clothes a thing of the past. People either want to be wearing the right name or to spend as little as possible and there is also very much a culture of immediacy. Nobody wants to wait long for anything and with online shopping they don’t even have to leave the home to get what they need but I can’t help feeling that something has been lost in this rash of consumerism. Continue reading

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The Future of Cashmere

Cashmere was once the preserve of the wealthy as garments fashioned from this most luxurious of yarns were too costly for the average consumer. Things changed back in the 1990’s when cashmere began to enter the mainstream. Big brands and high street retailers began to feature cashmere garments in their collections at more affordable prices but this new trend partnered by the current thirst for luxury goods is rapidly becoming a major problem. Continue reading

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Bikini Body Shame

A new survey has revealed that more than half of British women hate their body to the extent that they would rather stay at home than have a holiday on the beach or by the pool.  Of course beach holidays are not the only option and so one wonders if these women are travelling elsewhere or if they are literally missing out because they don’t want to be seen in their bikinis.

Continue reading

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Those All Saints Sewing Machines


I remember the first time that I clapped eyes on the window of an All Saints store. I was shuffling around Bluewater shopping centre in Kent feeling underwhelmed as usual. Those giant malls just depress me with their rows of outlets that always end up being the same ones wherever you go and then there are those waves of people in the middle of another bout of retail frenzy. Then I saw that signature bank of black sewing machines and stopped in my tracks. Continue reading

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The Comfiest Shoes in the World?

I have all sorts of problems with my feet and so any headline screaming about comfortable shoes will instantly grab my attention. Personally I find most shoes to be instruments of torture and discovering footwear, other than trainers, which don’t kill my feet is always cause for celebration. Now an artist of all people has come up with a concept which could be rather promising even if the styling is less than appealing! Continue reading

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Citizen Watches


There was a time, not so long ago, when the principle means of telling the time for most folks was their watch. If you needed to know the time and had forgotten your watch you would have to find someone else with a timepiece or somewhere with a clock because those were your only options. These days things are very different and the time is everywhere. Continue reading

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A New Way to Shop Online

A new fashion website is helping consumers to choose the right clothes for them by using six models with different body shapes. Sizeable, founded by an Australian fashion writer Larissa Thorne, aims to take the guesswork out of shopping by showing each garment on all six models. Shoppers will have a much better idea of how each piece will look on them which has to be a good thing. Continue reading

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