Footwear Fashions for Summer 2014

I am unfortunate enough to have really troublesome feet. I suffer from gout, have the beginnings of bunions, wide balls and narrow heels. All of this usually means that any footwear which could even vaguely be described as stylish is either and instrument of torture or just flies off after a few steps. I am constantly engaged in a search for shoes that won’t kill my feet but which are at least moderately in vogue but this year I could be in luck on the style front because allegedly practical shoes are in. Style, however, could be an entirely different matter.



Yes sadly these hideous monstrosities are back with a vengeance. Never mind that they look like slippers, make your feet appear to be huge and are the antithesis of elegance, people are rushing to buy them and similar styles from designer and high street ranges. They always remind me of the awful sandals that men could be seen sporting with socks! They may well be comfortable but even I have limits.

Orthopaedic Shoes

I have to blame Prada for this one. Following catwalk performances from models wearing what appeared to be orthopaedic soles there is suddenly a trend for medically inspired footwear. Good news for my feet but not, I fear, for my image. I may have problem feet but I really don’ want to wear shoes which are top picks for pensioners

Gladiator Boots

These are an awkward hybrid where the meeting of two perfectly attractive styles has produced a mutant life form. An uneasy mix of sandal and ankle boot, gladiator boots are just wrong. I haven’t tried a pair but they don’t look terribly comfortable either and so the fashionistas have managed to create the epitome of pointlessness with footwear that is neither stylish nor pleasant to wear. It wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect one attribute of the other would it?


I suppose I should almost welcome these as the backless styling does at least eliminate issues with my narrow heels but the truth is that mules have a tendency to fly off your feet at the most inopportune moment. Anything approaching stylish design will just make this situation worse leaving anything that will stay on your feet for more than three seconds rather clumpy in appearance.


Comfortable and largely affordable they may be but slides are likely to make anyone less than perfectly formed look frumpish. The very antithesis of class and elegance these things shouldn’t be allowed out of the pool area or spa and have no useful purpose in the real world.
Oh dear! None of the latest trends have anything resembling a saving grace. It is almost as if the powers that be in the fashion world have decided to have a joke at everyone’s expense. Did someone really sit down and try to encourage a trend for the ugliest footwear on the planet? These are the styles that would have caused laughs of derision not so long ago but now they are all the rage. Not in my house though! I have never much cared what is in or out because I can’t afford to with my feet but this rash of ugliness does look set to make the task of finding a good pair of sandals even harder than ever. This might be the right year to stick with old favourites. I can only hope that next year will be the time when designers decide to attack a vast untapped market and make comfortable footwear that looks good with it. Some hope!


Article by Sally Stacey

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Alternative Jeans

Alternative jeans are the focus of my blog posting this week. It’s actually harder than you might think to find jeans in an alternative style, and which aren’t the usual dark blue colour. Luckily, Blue Banana and The Alternative Store are both pretty good at offering jeans which don’t conform to the norm.
Blue Banana have some fantastic stripy jeans from Jist,

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Why I Don’t Wear Sheepskin Boots


The media has been awash with controversy over the popularity of sheepskin boots and more specifically those produced by UGG. Those seeking to protect animal rights are naturally offended by the use of their skins to provide footwear for the masses. Meanwhile the manufacturers and fans of the boots argue that the skins are a by-product of the meat industry and that the animals are not raised for their pelts. Continue reading

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Do We Have Too Many Clothes?

A recent revamp of my house gave be pause for thought. I hadn’t realised quite how many clothes I had managed to accumulate and seeing them all in one place was a sobering experience. With garments, shoes and accessories split between several rooms and cupboards I had not realised just how much I owned and it was clearly time to change my ways. Continue reading

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Fashion Trends – The tiered Skirt

I sometimes wonder why I ever dispose of any of my clothes. If you stay alive long enough every trend seems to reappear at some point posing as the latest in thing but looking exactly like styles from decades ago. So it has proved with the tiered skirt. Sadly I am old enough to remember the original heyday of what has been called the skirt with no name. It was all the rage in the 1970’s and if I am not mistaken hit its height in popularity during the summer of 1978. Continue reading

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Why Are Marks and Spencer Struggling?

Marks and Spencer is a British institution with a presence on most high streets and yet its fashion sales are in the doldrums. There have been several attempts to revive the retailer’s fortunes but these efforts have not yielded great results as yet. So what is it that stands between M&S and success? Continue reading

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Marks and Spencer Christmas Advertising

It is that time of year again. Christmas is but a few weeks away and this is the period when the big retailers start bombarding us with their festive sales offensives. Television adverts tempt us with the year’s must have toys and the supermarkets and department stores use great tunes and emotive imagery to fill us with festive cheer. Or do they? This year’s Marks and Spencer Christmas advert looks like a giant own goal to me. The struggling retailer could do with a boost but I don’t think they are going to get one with this somewhat strange production. Continue reading

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The Rise of School Proms in the UK

A little over a decade ago school proms were unheard of in the UK but now 85% of schools are holding such an event and they are becoming very extravagant affairs. At my School, the end of the summer term didn’t even involve a disco or party. We were merely shown the door and left the building, PE kit in hand, to enjoy the extended break. Now students in years 11 and 13 have major celebrations to enjoy and it is costing their parents a small fortune! Continue reading

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Older Women Are Dressing Down

A recent survey by has revealed that almost half of all older women in the UK start changing their dress when they reach the age of 50. Fearing judgement for dressing youthfully they are migrating towards more dowdy and shapeless clothes and are probably rendering themselves invisible as a result. I read this information with great interest as I am 50 myself but I don’t feel old and the only change I have made is to become more liberated with my choice of clothes than before! Continue reading

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Who Will Win The X Factor 2013?

I have to confess to being very confused about the X Factor this year. Usually I am either pretty sure who is going to win from the outset or I have at least narrowed things down to two contestants and I am generally proved to be correct. This year, however, I have had several mind changes and things have been much less clear. Continue reading

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